• Internet Issues
    • I tried to download "The Road Home" content, but I'm having trouble downloading it. What should I do?
      We've partnered with a company called Topspin that handles all our deliveries. If you need help, you can find answers on their download support forum or submit an individual request for help. If you want to take advantage of our 110% guarantee, contact our an email.
    • I've downloaded my content but I can't open it, because it is in a zipped file. What should I do?
      You will need to install an unzipping program or a zip utility (available for free on the Internet by typing zip utility in Google) that will "unzip" or "uncompress" your downloaded file.
    • I entered my email address, but I did not receive a confirmation email.
      Check your SPAM or junk mail folder, as sometimes the confirmation email gets moved there automatically.
    • Why is the streaming rental glitchy?
      This is usually because of a slow internet connection, a software problem, or an old computer.

      Try restarting your internet. If that doesn't work, then restart your computer. If this does not help, try using a different internet connection or another computer.
  • Digital Issues
    • What is "DRM-free"?
      Digital Rights Management or "DRM" is a technology that restricts how you can use your file. For example, it may limit the number of devices you can copy your file to. Our digital content is DRM-free, so you can transfer and watch "The Road Home" or listen to the soundtrack on multiple devices.
    • Are there any restrictions on my digital content of "The Road Home"?
      We only ask that you do not sell or distribute the file to others or show the film in public settings. Once you've download the film or soundtrack, you can keep them forever and transfer them to all your personal devices.
    • Which devices will play the HD download of "The Road Home"?
      You can watch it on any device powerful enough to play an HD file (1280 by 720) encoded with the x264 codec. It should work on your computer, and once you've transferred it to your iPad, Apple TV, or newer smartphone (generally purchased after mid 2010), it should also play on these devices.
    • Do I need any special software to play the digital version of "The Road Home"?
      You can play the digital version of "The Road Home" in VLC Player or QuickTime Player.
  • DVD Issues
    • What is your 110% guarantee?
      If the Professional Edition DVD is not helpful to your family, students, colleagues, or your audience, return it within 60 days of your purchase for a 110% refund of the purchase price (not including shipping and handling). This offer is only available for the Professional Edition DVD purchased from this website. To be eligible, you must have a Paypal account to receive the refund. Contact our customer support.
    • Can I get a discount if I order multiple DVDs?
      If you would like to order 10 or more Collector's Edition or Professional Edition DVDs (shipped to the same address), please contact us for bulk pricing.
    • What do you mean by "home use only"?
      When you buy a DVD from any store, the DVD is intended for personal use in your home. Typically you need a screening license to show the DVD in any public setting outside your home, for example: classrooms, religious centres, seminars, etc.
    • What are public settings?
      Any film screening outside the privacy of your home is considered a public screening, regardless of the number of people attending. This includes classrooms, churches, conferences, seminars, etc. Screening the DVD in public settings requires a screening license, which only comes with the Professional Edition DVD.
    • What is NTSC Region 0 (Region Free) mean?
      Our DVDs are NTSC Region 0 encoded and thus are region free. While we could bore you with a technical explanation of what this means, what it means to you is that our DVDs will play in 99% of DVD players (bought after 2004) around the world.
    • I live in a country that uses the PAL / SECAM standard. Can I buy the film in that format?
      If you are concerned that our NTSC Region 0 DVDs won't work in your DVD player and would rather buy a PAL version of the DVD, please contact us and we can handle your request.
    • Why is the Amazon DVD price more than the price on your website?
      Amazon takes a substantial cut from each DVD sale. Even though the price on Amazon is a bit higher than our website, we barely break even on each sale. But we know some people prefer to buy movies through Amazon, so we offer the DVD there to make it available to as many of you as possible.
    • My DVD doesn't work.
      If your DVD does not work in your computer or your DVD player there may be a problem with your DVD. If you bought your DVD from Amazon, contact their customer service department. If you bought it from our site, contact our customer support.
  • DVD Content
    • Who is the Professional Edition DVD for?
      It is for anyone who wants to show the film in a public setting: 1) ESL / ELL educators, 2) international school educators, 2) counselors, 3) diversity trainers, 4) cross-cultural professionals, and 5) support people for immigrants, the military, diplomatic corps, international business, and missionaries. It is also available to anyone who would like to enjoy the additional content available with that DVD.
    • What is on the Professional Edition DVD?
      • Unlimited screening license to show the short film in public settings of any size.
      • Exclusive access to a curated website with resources for professionals and international / expatriate families.
      • Discussion question sheet to facilitate post screenings talks.
      • Two commentaries by Third Culture Kid & cross-cultural experts Ruth Van Reken and Heidi Tunberg):
        • Film Analysis
        • Who are Third Culture Kids?
      • Two director commentaries:
        • Director's Insights Into the Film
        • "My Third Culture Kid Journey"
      • Preview of Rahul Gandotra's upcoming feature film based on the short film.
      • Subtitles in 14 languages.
      • Deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage with director commentaries.
      • Short film trailer.
    • What is on the Collector's Edition DVD?
      • Three director commentaries
        • Director's Insights into the Film
        • "My Third Culture Kid Journey"
        • Challenges of Making the Film
      • Deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage with director commentaries.
      • Preview of Rahul Gandotra's upcoming feature film based on the short film.
      • Subtitles in 14 languages.
      • Short film trailer.
    • What are the 14 subtitle languages?
      The languages are: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Thai.
    • Who are Ruth Van Reken and Heidi Tunberg?
      Ruth Van Reken is one of the leading experts on Third Culture Kids (TCKs), with over 25 years of experience working with cross-cultural and international families. She is the co-author with Dave Pollock of Third Culture Kids: Growing up Among Worlds and co-founder of Families in Global Transition (FIGT). She speaks internationally on issues related to global family living and international education.

      Heidi Tunberg is a licensed psychologist with more than 20 years of experience working with Third Culture Kids and their families. She has spoken in international schools and conferences for expat families on four continents, and has led Pre-field and Re-entry training for TCKs for over 2 decades. She has also written numerous articles for the Third Culture community, and she is an avid collector and reviewer of TCK books, films, and other resources.
    • None of the above helped?
      Send us an email and we'll do our best to help you out.