Pico Running Away From Woodstock School Pico in the Himalayas Pico Oustide Woodstock School, Mussoorie, India
Growing up in England, ten-year old Pico never wanted to go to boarding school in the Himalayas, and despite the beauty there, he struggles to fit in. When he's bullied for insisting he's British in spite of his Indian heritage, he runs away, determined to return to his home in London. As he journeys through a country foreign to him, Pico encounters others who mistake him for an Indian boy, forcing him to face the painful truth that the world does not see him the way he sees himself.
What People Are Saying About “The Road Home”
Thank you for letting me see your film "The Road Home". You clearly have a gift and I wish you well. Strength to you!
- Iain Smith
Producer of "The Fountain" and "Chlidren of Men"
Anyone who has ever struggled with answering the question, "Where are you from?" should see his film.
- Tina Quick
Author of "Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition"
TCKs, mixed race children, immigrant children, bi-cultural children and the adults they become all relate powerfully to Pico's struggles in this wonderful film.
- Ruth Van Reken
Author of "Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds"
I have now watched "The Road Home" 5 or 6 times, each time noticing something new and deeper. I was grateful to share the movie with my parents, the grandparents of dual American/Japanese granddaughters who are being educated in India. We all loved the movie for its masterful and subtle depiction of a deep and moving story that is never weighed down by "issues," something only the best storytellers can do. As someone who lives between cultures and countries, I thank you.
- Maura Murphy
Expat Parent in India
This is a powerful and beautifully produced film about a Third Culture Kid's search for belonging and identity. The beauty of the film makes it a pleasure to watch, and the students I've shown it to were able to readily identify with the multiple themes. The last time I showed it, the school counselor wrote down the details from the DVD so he could immediately order it and show it to other parts of his school community!
- Rebecca Grappo
RNG International Educational Consultant
When I watched "The Road Home" recently at a cross-cultural seminar, I was stunned and moved: the movie (only 22 minutes long) captures so many of the experiences, feelings, and themes in the lives of the students I teach. I bought the Professional DVD, and thanks to the expert commentaries, discussion questions, and additional educational resources, I have a wonderful base for my upcoming semester’s lesson plans!
- Rachel Wright
ESL Instructor
I must say the film was an epiphany for me. I did not grow up as a Third Culture Kid, but your story helped me understand my students. They represent over 35 nationalities, and most of them experience exactly what I saw in your film. My 8th grade homeroom class and I discussed it at length after watching it, and I think it helped us all understand each other a little bit better.
- Lisa Karr
Educator at Bingham Academy (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)